ICONFIRM is a digital tool that allows businesses to demonstrate GDPR compliance. ICONFIRM makes privacy easy and contributes to a trustworthy processing of personal information, in a smart and very cost effective way.

ICONFIRM makes it easy for citizens to manage their rights, and enables your business to administre them through a practical and user-friendly solution. ICONFIRM makes it easy for businesses to document GDPR compliance towards both customers and authorities.

ICONFIRM can be integrated with your existing systems. Its functionality and pricing model makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

ICONFIRM can make GDPR compliance a competitive edge by allowing your business to demonstrate that it takes data privacy and protection seriously.

Data controller functions


  • Document basis for processing
  • Specific Privacy Notices and consents
  • Administre recipients
  • Detailed processing records
  • Embedded privacy by design and by default

Privacy portal


  • Clear information (transparency)
  • Easy Authentication (know your customer)
  • Simple adminstration of rights and consents

Document processing activities


  • Dashboard for overview
  • Citizen rights task management
  • Detailed event logs
  • Continuously updatet records of consents

Data processors and third party recipients


  • Clear instructions and notifications
  • Rights management
  • Reporting and logs
  • Data distribution management
  • Integrations for confidentiality and data integrity

ICONFIRM is a practical, hands-on digital solution that helps companies to comply with the central parts of GDPR. The solution is scalable, self-serviced and easy to use

Pricing Model 

ICONFIRM’s pricing model is volume based. The amount of active records (one record = one individual registered per defined processing activity) determines the price. For details, please see our standard terms and conditions. For businesses that require integration and more advanced functionality, please contact us for a review of your needs and a price quote.